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PRODUCT NAME        Citicoline

CAS NO.:                        987-78-0

APPEARANCE             White crystalloid powder 


Dry content (C14H26N4O11P2)      98.0% Min                        

Identification                                     1) Chemical reaction                 

            2) The retention time of a major peak 

                meets the requirements   .     

            3) IR: consistent with the spectrum

                     Obtained with reference Substance.

Acid value                                           Between 2.5~3.5                       

Clarity and color of solution             Clarifying, colorless                  

Ammonium                                         0.05% max                        

Heavy metals                                      10ppm max                       

Arsenic                                                2ppm max                        

Free phosphoric acids                        0.1% max                          

5’-CMP                                                 1.0% max                        

Loss on drying                                    5.0% max                      

Total plate count                                1000CFU/g max                  

Fungi count                                         100CFU/g max                       

E.coli                                                      Negative